Edelweiss Preparatory School

Message from Directors

Thank you for visiting our website!

We hope by looking at the pictures and reading about what goes on in our classrooms, you can begin to get a feeling of what a special place Edelweiss Preparatory School is. On our home page there is a 12 minute virtual tour of our school that we invite you to watch.

When you come to drop off a wait list form you can look around the school and you can hear the excited voices of children participating in class, see the smiles on their faces as they engage in learning, look at displays of their fabulous artwork and other school work and watch our animated and skilled teachers as they inspire learning in their students.

The Early years are a key time for laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We believe that each child has specific interests, curiousities, talents and self-esteem which must be nutured and enhanced during these Early years. Time and time again, we hear from parents about how well prepared they felt their children were for higher learning because of the experiences they had at Edelweiss.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions about the school, the admissions process, or to schedule a visit: epschool@telus.net or 403-282-4220.

Walter & Margaret Reid, Directors

School Directors

Walter & Margaret Reid

Phone: 403-282-4220

Fax: 403-282-3991

E-Mail: epschool@telus.net.

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Walter & Margaret with the Olympic torch!