Edelweiss Preparatory School


We currently have a few openings

Please call 403-282-4220 to inquire about current or future openings.


If you wish to secure a spot for 2019, 2020 or 2021 please download the following form and mail it in or bring it in person between 8 am and 3 pm daily. Wait list information is on the form:


REGISTRATION for 2018/2019

Registration is currently ongoing.

REGISTRATION FORM: Open form to see class times

DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE A REGISTRATION FORM FOR SEPT 2018 HERE: This form is fillable and can be completed online and then printed out and submitted to the school. 2018 2019 Registration Form

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FEES FOR 2018/2019

PRESCHOOL $300/month

2 DAY JK $305/month

3 DAY JK $360/month

5 DAY JK/K AM $600/month (3 hr program)

5 DAY JK/K PM $550/month (2.5 hr program)

Cancellation Policy

  • 90-day written notice from the parent or guardian from first day of the month is required for cancellation from Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten. No refunds are given for the months of January through June. Cancellations need to occur by October 1st. All registration fees, material fees, and CHCA fees are non-refundable.

Edelweiss Preparatory School reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration at any time for any of the following reasons:

  • if a child is experiencing too much separation anxiety and will not enter the program independently after a month of school;
  • if a child is requiring one on one attention in the classroom to be able to manage their behaviour;
  • if a child is not respectful to teachers and students;
  • if a child cannot understand and speak English;
  • if a child is exhibiting aggressive behaviour towards other students or teachers;
  • if parents are disruptive to the positive school atmosphere that exists;
  • if parents are disrespectful to Edelweiss teachers or staff. Under any of these circumstances, no notice will be required on the part of Edelweiss Preparatory School.

Entrance Requirements

  • Edelweiss accepts all children who can toilet independently, can separate without excessive anxiety from their parent/caregiver and can understand and speak English. If a child has started our program and it is found to be that the child is not able to toilet independently, cannot separate without excessive anxiety, does not understand or speak English then we will need to cancel your registration until such time as the child is ready.

  • Edelweiss may decline to accept a child into our program if it is felt we are not equipped appropriately or if we do not have the expertise to adequately provide a program for a particular child’s needs. Edelweiss does not accept PUF students or students that require a classroom assistant.

For any further registration information, contact us.