Edelweiss Preparatory School


“The best way to learn is through the powerful force of rhythm.” - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Edelweiss music program is wide-ranging in its approach and most enjoyable in its execution for all the students. The program allows each child to explore music through chanting, singing, the playing of rhythm instruments and body movement. The music program sets up concrete experiences for children to learn by so they are conscious of what they are learning. Children learn by doing. Children are not forced to join at music time; rather they are encouraged to participate. Making music together is one of the earliest collaborative skills to develop in most cultures and in our children today. Making music together is an early way of establishing a sense of belonging in a family, school or community. Feeling that one belongs increases self esteem and self-sastisfaction. Self-eseteem is one of the greatest predictors of success in school. The Edelweiss music program builds a solid foundation for that success.


Three year old children learn best by doing. Therefore, the preschool Music Program is designed to provide concrete experiences in music where children partake in the making of music. Starting in preschool, we concentrate on building active listening skills, listening to instruments, both sung and spoken. We then learn to use rhythm instruments and to keep a steady beat, using instruments such as bells, shakers, sticks and drums. The children distinguish between loud/soft, high/low, fast/slow and classroom themes are reinforced by learning finger plays and easy songs that reflect the theme of the week. We move to music with our scarves and ribbons and we explore different types of movement such as animals, snowflakes, raindrops and planets. We sing a wide variety of folk songs and theme related songs throughout the year.

3 Day Jr Kindergarten

As we move into Junior Kindergarten we expand on the basics covered in Preschool. Echo clapping and echo singing are now a part of the program and the songs and finger plays are more elaborate and challenging to the growing intellect of the students. We also move into introducing students to different types of classical movement, where they respond to the music with movement, instruments or props. We move with more confidence and we have a varied repertoire of songs.

5 Day Program

In addition to the 3 day curriculum, dramatic interpretation of stories and songs is more involved at this level. As well, in conjunction with the 5 day Jr Kindergarten Multicultural Program, the children are introduced to different cultural songs, finger plays and dances. Musical journeys of discovery are taken and the children are constantly challenged to stretch their musical muscles.

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