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  • Edelweiss Preparatory School is licensed through Alberta Children’s Services.
  • Edelweiss Preparatory School is a member of the Early Childhood Education Council of Alberta.
  • Edelweiss Preparatory School is a member of the Canadian Association of Young Children.
  • All Edelweiss teachers hold membership in the Southern Alberta Preschool Teacher’s Association.

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Our educational curriculum includes: Science, Math, Language Arts, Art, Monthly Virtues program, Monthly Environmental Awareness program, Spanish, Sensorial experiences, Social skills, Drama, Dance, Music and Physical Education. The goal of the curriculum is to provide understanding and engagement in the joy of learning. The Edelweiss team use their knowledge of child development and the philosophy of the school as guiding principles in developing curriculum.The Edelweiss classroom is designed to stimulate the child’s cognitive, creative, and social development. Each child is encouraged to develop a healthy attitude toward living and learning. This is accomplished through creative activities and self-directed exploration of materials within a caring environment. Each teacher accepts responsibility for balancing social, psychological and emotional growth with academic learning. The curriculum respects the family, cultural and racial diversity which is valued at Edelweiss Preparatory School.

Here are some of the benefits that our program offers:

  • One-way observation windows for parents.
  • Children receive the benefits of rotating between rooms with their teachers and peers daily.
  • Excellent resources allow our Early Childhood Centres to be changed weekly.

Children are given the opportunity to:

  • choose from a number of available activities
  • participate in both large and small group activities.

Centres are used to provide children with materials for creative play.

Field trips enrich experience and stimulate learning. The Preschool children go on one trip in the Spring, the 2 day JrK go on 2 field trips; The 3 Day Jr K go on 3 trips and the 5 day JrK/Kindergarten children go on 5 field trips throughout the school year. Parent volunteers are welcome on field trips as long as they hold a valid Calgary Police Record check.

We can offer a diverse program because of the small class sizes and a highly qualified staff.

Multicultural Focus

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At Edelweiss, we feel that as our country moves toward becoming an increasingly global village, that children should be prepared to deal with those different cultures. In an effort to understand and communicate more effectively with one another, in our 5 Day Jr Kindergarten we have special presentations from a visitor of another culture or country. The children hear music from that culture, taste food, listen to a folktale and see artifacts and ethnic clothing as well as much more.

Prior to the special guest coming, the children all learn a song or a few words to say to the presenter in their native language. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to other cultures and hopefully reduce prejudice while increasing awareness.