Edelweiss Preparatory School

Teddy Bear Picnic

Search Description We hold a Teddy Bear Picnic in each class. The children all bring in their own bear and we have Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Bear visit. Can you guess who the “bears” might really be? Search Description

Edelweiss Easter Bunny

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At Easter time the children receive a visit from the Easter Bunny during their in class party! The bunny hopped in on a snowy day to the delight of all the children! Search Description

Dinosaur Day

Search Desription On Dinosaur Day we have a special visitor that delights all the children while they do the dinosaur dance!

Christmas Concerts

Search Description At our Christmas Concerts some special visitors come to join in the fun!

Penguin Days

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Search Description

We have lots of fun activities on Penguin days and the children all dress in black & white.

Mr. Snowman

Search Description Mr. Snowman comes to visit and play with the children in the gym until he has to leave before he melts away!

Cat in the Hat Day

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In April as part of one of our Author studies we celebrate Cat in the Hat Day. The children all wear hats and the teachers jump into character as well!

Shirley Hill, Dancer

Search Description Search Description Shirley Hill is an award winning Fancy Shawl Dancer who brings her special gift to share with the children at Edelweiss.

Lee & Sandy Paley

Search Description We had a wonderful concert with Lee & Sandy Paley from the TV Show Ballooner Landing. It was a concert with student participation.

Oberon The Owl

Search Description Oberon the Owl comes to visit the 5 day Jr K from the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society so the children can learn a lot about owls.