Edelweiss Preparatory School

Parent References

Edelweiss Preparatory School takes great care in providing a positive learning environment for children. Our goal is for children to learn in a fun way and to develop a life long joy of learning.

A recent satisfaction survey from our current parents showed one word to describe our school and these were common responses: Excellent, Top-Notch, Quality, Caring, Consistent, Outstanding, Child-focused, Friendly, Enriched, Exceptional, Warm, Nurturing, Educational, All-encompassing, Diverse, Positive, Fulfilling.

It is wonderful when parents feel strongly enough about our program and school that they write letters to tell us their thoughts and experiences. Below are some samples we have received.

If you would like to let us know how you feel about the school, please contact us!

“When we sat down and brainstormed what type of school we wanted for our children, we couldn’t have imagined any place better than Edelweiss. From the easy administrative processes to the amazing teachers to the field trips, science experiments, special decor and parenting resources, you really do prepare children and their families for the years of education ahead. Every detail of Edelweiss reflects the hard work, knowledge, caring and years of experience you put into it. We have seen Andrew grow in terms of knowledge, confidence and personal joy factor as he developed a love of learning in a school where he felt safe and appreciated for the wonderful little dude he is. Thank-you for providing such a wonderful learning environment and for never being too busy to chat with parents on a first name basis.”

“Thank-you both for your hard work and dedication. You made our last 5 years so much fun. Both of my children have blossomed under your amazing school. We are so blessed to have found your excellent program. Mathias & Natalie would come home daily with stories of Mat Man, Hazel and the amazing thing they did that day. We have been particularly impressed this year with Miss Rebecca and the 5 Day Program. Thank-you so much. We will miss you!”

“Thank-you so much for having Leah & Emmett over the past 4 years at Edelweiss. They learned so many skills and had so many new experiences at your school. Your programs are a real gift to Calgary. Both of our kids love school and that is the biggest gift we could ever give them! A thousand thank-yous!”

“Words cannot express what Edelweiss and it’s staff has meant to our family. We are so grateful for the wonderful teachers that you have and for the love and care that you both devote to the school. You truly do instill a love of learning in all of the students and for that, we will never forget you!”

“We couldn’t have asked for a better school to lay a solid foundation for both Sydney and Brenden to build their learning on. You have created an amazing school and we are so thankful to be a part of it. Thank-you for all you have done and continue to do. There are children all over Calgary who are better from having spent time at Edelweiss.”

“It has been a great 4 years for our family at Edelweiss. Our boys are developing into amazing little guys and we believe that the start they had here was a great experience and stepping stone for them. Thank-you both for your dedication.”

“I am so grateful to have had you both in my boys life for the past 5 years! Thank-you for giving Lucas and Daniel a safe and loving school. Your hard work, dedication and passion for your school and students does not go unnoticed.”

“Thank-you for making our year at Edelweiss an extremely positive, enjoyable experience. The school truly sends kids the message that learning is fun. In the past year all we encountered were smiling staff and positive feelings. We are looking forward to next year!”

“Edelweiss is the best preschool by far in the city. The staff and principal are amazing and will go to great lengths to help out any child, whether it be academically, socially or emotionally, they are all fully equipped and have well educated teachers.”

“We wanted to thank you for all help and support we were receiving in Edelweiss. I am still impressed with the variety of the program and care and consideration kids and parents alike are treated with. So it truly deserves its high reputation.”

Thank-you so much for taking such good care of our boys. We love the school! Captain Science will always be fondly remembered!

“Choosing a preschool was a stressful thing for me. I wanted somewhere that was fun, yet educational. Natalie has a love of learning and I wanted a program that nurtured that. Coming to the tour showed me what a great program you have, standing in line at 2 am in freezing weather was a little crazy, but the compassion you showed by coming at 6 am reaffirmed my choice. However, spending a year in the preschool class, I would stand outside again in any weather for any amount of time! This is such a great school, Natalie loves Captain Science and comes home all excited to tell us about her day. Your program has exceeded all expectations and I look forward to next year! Thank-you for your exceptional program and all the hard work that goes into it!”

“I feel very blessed that we were able to find Edelweiss for our children. I know that I don’t have to tell you this but Edelweiss is truly a one-of-a-kind school and our boys are very fortunate to be educated in such a loving, happy and enriched environment. The next school will have a tough act to follow to say the very least. I hope that you feel very proud of the type of school you have built together - the high calibre of education and standards you set for staff are a true reflection of your vision and love for the children.”

“Curt & I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how thankful we are to be part of your wonderful school and classroom this year. The quality of education that “X” has received in the JrK class is superb. He literally vibrates with excitement wanting to go to school each Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and the momentum we have seen in his learning is fantastic. We have a lot of respect for the structure (balanced by fun!) you have in the classroom. It’s evident that while you encourage each little one to be their own individual and have fun in the classroom, you are still keeping focus on learning and development and individual needs assessments - and catering your style to them. The quality of feedback we received this week about his strengths and development was heart-warming. It means a lot to us that the time is being taken to get to know our little guy and support him with all dimensions of his school experience. As proud parents, we think he’s pretty fantastic, and it is great to see wonderful teachers such as Miss Rebecca and Mrs. Aleksandra taking the time to get to know him and help him flourish. Thank-you!”

“We would like to thank the Edelweiss Staff for its enthusiasm and professional work for the past two years. Our daughter is graduating from Kindergarten able to read and do basic calculations while she really enjoyed the school’s relaxed atmosphere. We have now registered our second daughter in the same program. Again, many thanks and keep up the good work.”

“Thank-you for giving both our children the opportunity to attend Edelweiss. Your kind and gentle ways make Edelweiss a remarkable place. The commitment and dedication of your staff has made learning enjoyable for both boys. We will never forget the outstanding education that you have provided our boys during their preschool years.”

“We are so blessed to have had such special people nurture and help our children grow. Thank-you for everything!”

Thank-you so much for this wonderful school we have loved so much! R has grown and learned so much in her 3 years here so it is bittersweet to say good-bye. We are looking forward to coming back soon with G for preschool!

Thank-you so much for 4 wonderful years with our 3 children. We are excited that this won’t be our final year - as we will be back in 4 years with our newest addition!

*We want to thank-you for all of your hard work and dedication to this very special school you have created! The girls have thoroughly enjoyed this past year at Edelweiss. It’s so wonderful hearing their excitement when speaking of all they have learned and all the fun that they got to experience each and every day.”

“Edelweiss has been such a wonderful experience for our girls. Your kindness, generousity and excellent organization has made our beginning school years amazing! You truly manage an outstanding school! We will recommend you to everyone we know! Thanks again for the great memories!”

“I can’t believe how quickly 3 years has passed! I feel so truly blessed that both of my kids got the Edelweiss experience!! You both have such a passion for teaching and educating young children and for making learning fun! You run an AMAZING school and employ great teachers. Watching Kaylee excel in school in Grade 1, I know that the foundation for her learning came from your school. I look forward to watching Nolan do the same. It will be difficult come September not to be going to Edelweiss and seeing your friendly, smiling faces. Edelweiss has and always will be a part of our family.”

“Most kids are happy for school holidays but Ian told me yesterday -“only 1 more day of school and that makes me sad mom” He truly loves school!”

“Thank-you so much for all your hard work in providing our children with an amazing start to their school years. Edelweiss gave Olivia and Nikolas a warm, nurturing learning environment second to none! The staff you have selected are among the very best! It has been a pleasure to attend Edelweiss and we will miss being a part of it. Words cannot adequately express the feelings as our final year comes to an end. We are with thanks and gratitude for our time at your school!”

“Thank-you for the kindness and consideration that you have shown to Matt throughout the school year…from his first tearful days to his last ones! Edelweiss is an awesome program!”

“Thank-you for such an amazing experience for Ashleigh. This was our first experience with a child in school and we were not sure what to expect. All her teachers were so patient and kind. Over the last 2 years it has been wonderful too see the positive changes in Ashleigh –- socially, emotionally and intellectually. The experience at Edelweiss has been fabulous for all of us!”

“The past 3 years here at Edelweiss have been a wonderful learning experience for our kids. We will truly miss your fabulous program and the dedication to excellence you all work so hard to provide to your students and families.”

“My daughter has attended Preschool and Kindergarten and will be continuing on into Grade 1. We are in awe of not only the level of education she is obtaining, but also the wonderful nurturing that the children receive from all the staff at Edelweiss. We feel that it is a privilege to be able to school our daughter at Edelweiss.”

“Thank-you so much for a most enjoyable year at the school! Ryan has a lot of fun in class and he has gained so much both academically and socially. Everything in the school is so thoughtfully organized, and the teachers are just superb!”

“It is with a bit of sadness that we say good-bye to Edelweiss. Over the past 5 years, we have experienced many special moments and made very good friends. Scott and Logan enjoyed every day here and gained so much. Edelweiss will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank-you!”

“Edelweiss has been instrumental in helping our daughter with social skills such as interactive play and sharing. She has more confidence and proudly shows us what she has learned each day. The teachers show an immense amount of care and patience. We highly recommend Edelweiss to any family.”

“The variety of activities for the children is wonderful! The school and its programs are very well organized. My child enjoys his time at school and is always eager to return when it’s the next school day.”

You run an excellent program that children thrive in and it gives them such a great start to their formative years. We take with us many fond memories!

“It is with much sadness that we leave Edelweiss after 5 years!! What an incredible experience the school has been for A and M - we will be forever grateful to you for providing such an enriching experience for them!!! We know that Edelweiss, through the amazing teachers, has given them an incredible start to their formal education. We wish you continued success with your school and we will continue to recommend Edelweiss to our friends and family!!”

“My child has always been made to feel welcome at Edelweiss! Edelweiss is not only a school in which young children participate in learning. It is also a safe environment for these children to be in. You have very professional teaching staff and your programs foster a love for learning.”

“I highly recommend Edelweiss for any parent wanting to make a good decision regarding their child’s first school experience. My children have built confidence in themselves, made academic gains, and thoroughly enjoyed this school and the special programs it offers. As a parent, I have also been impressed by the administrative skills of the Directors. They are caring, communicative and go to great efforts to make this an excellent school!”

“My son has attended Edelweiss since he was 3 years old. He has loved the programs and I have too. The school is very stimulating and well organized. I have a child who is thrilled to go to school each day and is excited to share his daily experiences at home. We all love Edelweiss and greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it such a successful school.”

“I have been reflecting on our years at Edelweiss. We have always been impressed with the quality of your programs and your caring, professional staff. I cannot think of a single thing that I have been unhappy about in 5 years! We are thankful that our boys have had the privilege of attending your school. I know that it has made a positive difference in their intellectual and social development. We will miss Edelweiss school!”

“Your programs are very well organized. The facility is clean and the staff are friendly and take pride in the school. My daughter really gets excited and looks forward to every school day. I truly would recommend this school to anyone. I would drive across the city and feel it would be worth it!”

“It has been 4 years since our family came to know the Edelweiss family and I wanted to tell you how very deeply we will miss this school. Both Danika and Dakota love school, all the marvelous teachers we have known and the inspiring curriculum you constantly deliver. Thanks to the wonderful start your school offers, my children meet challenges with enthusiasm and smiles.”